The 8

The 8 is our interpretation of a Pan Asian fusion dining experience. Our aim is to surprise our guests with traditional oriental flavors used in unusual ways. It started out as a gastronomic experiment. We gave our chef the mandate to create whatever fantastical combinations he could imagine, using the very broad terms of ‘Pan Asian’ cuisine. After months of research and development, we hope we can finally present you with a menu which is original and bold.

Our philosophy regarding ingredients is: fresh and local. Accordingly, most of our menu is based on food which is privately farmed and delivered fresh. It is our policy to try and ensure no preservatives have been used in our produce, and that we are fully cognizant of the working conditions of our suppliers. Unfortunately, locally available beef and lamb is not generally up to par. We offer imported Australian meat to maintain the integrity of those dishes.

The 8 is short for the 8 fold path, the path to enlightenment.

This Menu has been developed by Chef Rozaiman from Malaysia and Chef Bas from Thailand.